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Singer, Songwriter, Canadian Icon & Half of 'Brothers Forever'

"There are publicists and there's Patti MacNeil. Patti has an innate understanding of media. As a former broadcaster she knows how it works and has developed many personal contacts over the years. If it's all about who you know...she knows everybody. 


Her style is thorough which means she'll book you as many interviews as you can handle. Her style is also friendly which means after doing an interview, the interviewer will often ask; how Patti's doing? 

We love Patti. Very professional, thorough and a delight to work with." 

~ Ian 



Singers, Songwriters, Musicians & Wanted in 6 States

"Patti is a gift. She has enough energy to power a city for years. Her ideas are creative and plentiful but what is more important is that she goes to task on them. 


A great person to have on your team, a great person to work with, but more than that, a great person.


Oh, and funny as hell too..."

~ Jason Valleau/Poly Brother



Artists, Visionaries, Ambassadors & Mates

"Patti, I just want to say what a breath of fresh air you are to work with, and pretty funny to boot! We had a great time, and thank you for all your hard work and friendship, you're terrific." ~ Simon Morley, Creator


"Patti kicks arse! She is one hellava woman and a great people person and publicist! She works a room like a champ and everyone loved her to death. She made the boy's job a dream and the publicity tour was a huge success, which I think the sales figures will validate. Her radio background proved to be a huge advantage and her network is huge!"

~ Janey Rainey, Stage/Tour Manager 



Author, Speaker, Cowboy & Gentleman

"Firsthand testimonial from firsthand experience: Load a couple pounds of dynamite in a box under a can of gasoline and light them on fire. 


I call it Patti's enthusiasm.


Lucky you if she makes your sky shoot fire the way she did for my book -"Almost A Great Escape".

~ Tyler 



Author, Speaker, TV Host, Columnist, Songwriter, Entrepreneur

"There are people who you enlist to execute a service and then there are people who you entrust with your reputation, your goals, your needs and your big dreams. Patti MacNeil is that one-a-million professional who not only knows her business inside out but knows people with an uncanny intuition that is immediately evident when you first meet or speak with her. 

I have rarely met someone who has the ability to mollify a tense situation, sort through the muck, figure out solutions that work, and follow through to the last letter. All that and with her signature sense of humor that makes working with her such a memorable ride. Thank you Patti!" 




Playboys, Luminaries, Trailer Park Boys & Legends

"Thanks Patti! I think you are the best PR person we have ever met. We may need your services again someday!!! 


Congrats on all the publicity you got for the festival. It was an awesome time. We were very impressed."


~ Randy

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