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These days there are so many ways to get your story out that it is not only hard to decide which to chose but nearly impossible to find the time and money to to make an impact. For small business I am a firm believer that traditional word-of-mouth is, and always has been, where to put your effort. 


Your customers, clients, patients, fans are your best advertisers, keep them happy and they will spread the word. When they do, they will send people to your website and once there people will either make a connection and click that 'call to action' button - 'email me', 'book now', 'find out more' - or they won’t.


What sets you apart from anyone else who does what you do is your story and your website will tell it with words and images. If you are doing what you love, if you are passionate about, then your story needs to be told.


What makes you, your idea, your business, your product or your service worthwhile to people? Why should they know about it and you?  What is the treasure in your tale that will resonate with people? If I believe in what you do then I have a pretty good shot at persuading others to believe in you too and it starts with your website.

The buzz word for it these days is  your 'brand'? Call it what you want - it has been and will always be - the story. 


Let me help you tell it.


I specialize in small business, service providers, artists, authors, student profiles. 

My story is a wending one. How I got to here from that long-ago there is road of many forks. If someone had told Teen Me that I would be doing what I am today, the language alone would have seemed outlandish; websites, social media, SEO, internet … gibberish.


While I was deciding where to go to university and what to take I found a job as the receptionist at a Montreal radio station. Within a few months I was on the morning show - a wonderful accident - and postponed school for what turned out to be, well, forever. 


That was the beginning of long and enjoyable career on the air and in the hallowed halls of radio. It turned out to be an education the likes of which money cannot buy.


Working in radio gave me an inside look at all aspects of traditional media and a front row seat for the change that electronic and social media brought to the landscape. While the delivery system may change it all boils down to the story and these days there as many ways to deliver the message as there are to delete it.


In the years since radio I have worked as publicist, promotion director, content writer, web site designer, information curator, event planner and a number of other jobs that fall into the catchall of communications which is another name for story telling.


Your story is not only worth telling but necessary. For people to choose you amongst the many who may do what you do, they need to connect with you. The way we all do that, more now than ever, is finding common ground we have all crossed. The fact that you are still reading this means you may have found that connection with me.


Let me help get your story to your audience, where they will find it, and how they need to hear it.

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