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Patti MacNeil publicist web design Calgary


CHOM FM, Montreal

"Truth is - Patti's pitch for an interview is almost always as entertaining and engaging as the actual guest. She is one of the few publicists who really knows media and how it works.

She gets it... How to make things work within the constraints of radio clocks and formats. Which guests make for outstanding live radio and which should be taped. And when not to take no for an answer when she's got someone who's going to knock it outta the park. She hasn't thrown us a foul yet."

Patti MacNeil publicist web design Calgary


The Sun, Ottawa

"I love dealing with Patti. She's always bringing us stories from the edge. Sometimes mainstream, more than likely offbeat and fun. 

We look at everything Patti offers because she has a good eye for talent and knows how the media works and what our needs are. And you can count on her to pitch her story ideas creatively. It doesn't hurt that she's hilarious fun and one of the brightest people in the business, invariably more clever than anyone else. Amen."

Patti MacNeil publicist web design Calgary


The Sun, Edmonton

"We've dealt with Patti for years. As a publicist of entertainment events, she's always proven to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. 

I hate ABBA and I hate tribute bands, but the fact that she could get our paper to do not one, but TWO stories on an ABBA tribute band is proof of her remarkable persuasive powers. She's one of the best in the business."

Patti MacNeil publicist web design Calgary


Times-Colonist, Victoria

"Patti MacNeil is my favourite publicist. She is smart, funny and knows what she's doing. She understands how the media works.This, in turn, makes people like me want to help her out. She is the best."

Patti MacNeil publicist web design Calgary


CHED, Edmonton

"As a talk show host there are a number of people who 'make' you successful not the least of which is an intuitive, energetic, proactive publicist. 

Someone who won't take no for an answer but doesn't waste time with drivel. Someone who has an ear for your style and compliments it with choice guests. Someone who knows instinctively what flies and what dives. 

Patti MacNeil is one such person... as a matter of fact one in a million. When MacNeil books a guest you know the books, the tapes, the dvd's, the bio and all the goodies are already on their way... no need to worry your pretty little head... if you have one. 

Patti MacNeil is exactly the kind of publicist everyone needs. Working with her makes me better at what I do."

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